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Evan was born at Hill Air Force Base, Layton, Utah in 1955. He grew up as a child of the 1950’s and 1960’s. Much of his early life was spent as a military brat traveling with his parents and siblings to Air Force bases all over America and the world. Because of the love and teachings of his parents, he developed a strong sense of duty, family, morality, and patriotism. He still maintains that outlook today. He was taught to believe and practice The Golden Rule. He grew with a strong influence of literature and was witness to both American and World history. Events such as man’s first forays into space and landing on the moon. Like most Americans of the age the witnessed events gave him great pride in his country. He comes by his style of writing quite naturally. His mother, Zelda Lorraine Brown Kline, although unpublished during her lifetime, was a prolific writer with many of her poems and stories centered around events she was witness to. Events such as the great depression and World War Two. Woven throughout his poetry is his belief in our duty and responsibility, that we as fellow travelers on our journey through this life have a duty to care about our fellow human beings. He believes that we should be thankful for the treasure of life in all its splendor and God given wonders. And tried to impart those same life lessons to his children and, as much as possible, to his grandchildren.As a young man in 1970’s Evan served his country during the Vietnam War as a proud member of the United States Navy. Upon his return from his military obligations he became a professional truck driver and traveled throughout America. In 1983 Evan met and married his bride of 40 years. Together they enjoy two successful children and nine beautiful grandchildren. He currently resides with wife, Edith, in Tooele, Utah. Evan began trying his hand writing after he retired from the work a day world. He enjoys writing poetry, much in the same style as his mother. He is working on a novel, as well as his life story. He daily reaches for new heights in writing and continues to be surprised at new discoveries in his writing ability.
With love, his children, David and Cheyenne.

My Mission:

To Bring Joy and Happiness To My Readers

Marching As To War By Evan Kline

I cannot write or say anything profound about Veterans Day. For it has already been said or written many times over. Writers more eminently qualified and eloquent than 1 who, in prose and verse, have enshrined the American Veteran.

Men of Honor, Children of Honor By Evan Kline

Today 1 let go. My memory 1 allowed to wander where it would. It strode back in time and though I am young 1 remember those days.

It is 1968 and Tet-one It was coming onto evening as an old man trudged, down North Burlington Street in Lincoln Park, one of Chicago’s most exclusive neighborhoods. He walked with a limp, his cane making a hollow clicking sound against the pavement with every step. He couldn’t help but marvel at the grandeur of the houses that lined the road. They were huge, with sprawling lawns and pristine gardens. He was out of place here with his tattered overcoat, worn shoes and a battered fedora that had seen better days.

My Life By Evan Kline:

My earliest memories begin in the small Japanese Villages of Kadena and Chatan at Kadena and Naha Air Force Bases on the Island of Okinawa, a Japanese Home Island. Although 1 must regress here, I seem to remember arriving at an airfield on Okinawa and my Dad there waiting with open arms as we got off the plane. 1 can remember the five of us almost tackling him. It was a very joyous day made all the more poignant because it was the first time Dad had seen my very dear younger brother Jonny, who was two, walking.

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